Applications for Guardianship, Applications for Trusteeship, Regaining Capacity, Discharging Guardians and Trustees

It can be difficult when someone close to you loses the capacity to make their own personal decisions, whether through injury or age.  Our lawyers can assist you through the process to become a guardian and trustee and to ensure their financial, medical and personal needs are properly taken care of.

We also have the expertise to act on your behalf if you believe someone who has been appointed as a guardian or trustee is not fulfilling their duties or is taking advantage of the person they have been appointed to take care of. We can assist you in seeking to have a new guardian or trustee appointed or help the individual take the required steps to regain their legal capacity. We know how difficult these matters are and stand ready to assist you to ensure they are handled with care and respect in a timely manner. 

Guardianship and Trusteeship Services

  • Applications for Guardianship

  • Applications for Trusteeship

  • Passing of accounts

  • Applications to discharge and release Guardians and Trustees

  • Disputes arising from the actions of Guardians and Trustees 

  • Legal steps to complete to regain capacity