Grants of Administration, Grants of Probate, Passing of Accounts, Estate Litigation 

Managing a person's estate can be an emotional and overwhelming task, for executors and family members alike. A proper accounting of the estate, by determining the assets and liabilities of the deceased, is required to be completed, and in most cases, applications for Grants of Probate or Administration must also be made. In these situations it is important to get expert advice as it is possible for executors to be found liable if the estate is not properly administered.

Our experienced and knowledgeable lawyers can assist family members and Personal Representatives with administering an estate, whether it is a simple matter or a much more complicated estate and whether we have drafted the will or not. 

Unfortunately, even with careful planning and proper documentation, disputes can still arise over an estate. Litigation in these situations can be very tricky and complicated, but our team can give lend you our knowledge and advice to give you that edge. ur experienced team can work with you to settle valid claims and expertise can help you determine whether you have a valid claim against an estate and pursue your legal rights. 

Estate Administration Services

  • Applications for Grants of Administration and Grants of Probate

  • Locating Estate assets and beneficiaries

  • Assisting with the overall administration of an Estate

  • Passing Estate Accounts

  • Attending Court for any necessary Applications or Court Orders required to administer the Estate

Estate Litigation Services

  • Claims on the validity of the Will, including whether the testator was unduly influenced or lacked capacity when the Will was created and/or executed

  • Adult Interdependent Partner claims

  • Dependent relief claims

  • Proving a Will was the Last Will and Testatment of the deceased

  • A variety of applications to the Court for advice and direction regarding the Estate. 

  • Claims dealing with Personal Representatives and their actions while administering the Estate.