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Disputes and Conflict Resolution, Personal Injury, Shareholder disputes, Construction and Builders Liens, Debt Collection, Commercial claims

Dispute Resolution

When disputes arise they can be difficult whether on a personal or professional level. Corporations and individuals involved in disputes require effective solutions to reduce the time and expense spent on these matters.

Our lawyers have experience representing clients in a wide range of conflicts. We employ all available dispute resolution methods including mediation, settlement conferences, arbitration and trial, to obtain the most favourable result for our clients in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Our goal is to help you navigate through your legal issue and determine a strategy that meets your needs and then work with you on the most direct route to that outcome.

Key Areas

  • Civil disputes and conflict resolution

  • Commercial claims

  • Shareholder/partnership disputes

  • Real Estate claims

  • Construction and builders liens

  • Landlord and tenant disputes

  • Debt collection

  • Employment issues

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